Class Tuition 

1/2 hour class - $45 per month
45 minute class - $47 per month
1 hour class - $52 per month
1-1/2 hour class - $59 per month

Tuition is due the 7th of each month or there will be a $5.00 late charge added. Tuition is due for all classes even if missed. You are always welcome to make up in another class.

Registration Fee 
$40.00 per family due at registration or, if registration is taken over the phone, within seven days to hold your spot. Registration fee is non-refundable.

Unlimited Classes
$200.00 per month for first member of family
$150.00 per month for second member of family and $120.00 per month for third member of family.
Unlimited - a total of two Tumbling/Back Handsprings Back Tuck Classes - more than this, pay for another class.

Competition Line Classes
Large Group (10 or more) - $18.00 per month per student.
Small Group (9 or less) - $20.00 per month per student.
Line classes are not included in unlimited class fees.

June is 1/2 month payment to cover classes, dress rehearsal and recital.

If you choose to make an annual payment - 5% discount.

$20.00 service charge on all returned checks.

Private Lessons
Solos - $22.00
Duets - $13.00 (each student)
Trios - $11.00 (each student)
Private fees are paid to teacher. Must pay unless cancelled 24 hours in advance.

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